Why do I need this?

If you submit digital releases to Discogs regularly, there's sense to automate this process. For now Discogs does not provide API for releases submission, so Discogs Submitter is a workaround tool that in general behaves like a user and submits entries under your account.

Does it requere my username and password?

No, Discogs Submitter does not require your credentials. You should login on Discogs and allow the tool to make a job instead of you. But if you are not authorized, Discogs will not allow you to submit entries independently if you use Discogs Submitter or not.

How does it work?

Discogs Submitter has two parts. One part is a userscript that is added to your browser via corresponding extension. This part adds a form above Add Release section on Add New Release Discogs page. On this form you enter links to release on digital stores and once Parse button is pressed, those links are sent to second part: the backend. The server on the backend handles your data, parses urls provided and returns result in JSON format to frontend. Then this data is sent to Discogs to create an entry and you are redirected to Edit Release page. Here Discogs Submitter's job is done and you should upload an image, verify all the data and submit it to Discogs.

Does it upload images?

No, I don't see how this can be done for now. Please share your thoughts on this.

What browser do I need?

In general all modern browsers that can handle userscripts (via extension or somehow else) should be supported. However I prefer Chrome with Tampermonkey extension and all changes are tested in this configuration.

How do I install userscript?

First of all you should install browser extension. For Chrome Tampermonkey is recommended. For Firefox - Greasemonkey. Then on extension Dashboard you will see a button to add new userscript. Add Discogs Submitter userscript to your extension from here.

Which digital stores are supported?

For now only two digital stores are supported: Beatport (both Classic and default versions) and Junodownload.

Can I enter several urls?

Yes, you can and you should. Some stores provide some data better. Some stores does not provide some data at all. Discogs Submitter will parse all urls, take the best from every store and return you merged data. You can also add your free text in that text field, such rows will be considered as release submission notes and will appear in corresponding field after release is created on Discogs.